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Are you in need of a refill on your shampoo and conditioner? Or maybe you might even want to try something new? Well you can now shop for some of HCTC's favorite product directly through HCTC's SalonInteractive link below and your order will be shipped directly to you!

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Who has the time now a days to spend 2-3 hours in the salon just for a root touch-up?

Well not only do we strive to bring the convenience of the mobile salon to our clients door steps, but we also save our clients lots of time by cutting back BIG TIME on the processing portion of the appointment. Megix10's 10 minute color has a wide range of colors to choose from with 92 shades. That means we can better customize your hair color to nail those inspiration photos and hair goals with 100% gray coverage to those with stubborn gray hair. So those days of 2-3 root touch-up appointments are in the past ,we can have you in and out of the mobile salon in 1 hour and that's even with a haircut and blow-dry/style!

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We use the Megix10,  a 10 minute color line as one of our color service options.

Megix10 was developed by MOWAN a Italian color line. This non-pregessive (means if its left on any longer then 10 minutes it won't get any darker then the intended mixture) color has 100% gray coverage for all those stubborn grays and gives the hair a incredible shine! 

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Oligo Professional is another one of HCTC's favorites for all around the salon you will see us using a lot of the BlackLight Blonding system all the time on our blonds, in foils or with a balayage and Calura Gloss as a toner or glaze. And can't forget their hair care line of shampoo, conditioner and styling products. MUST HAVES!!

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