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South Shore goods

HCTC loves to support other local small business. This is where you can find some of my favorites that are made and sold right here on the South Shore, specifically home made products! You can find anything from Skincare, bath salts & bombs, jams & jelly, seasoning salts, art work, home decor and jewelry and SO MUCH MORE!. 

Find something your interested in ?

Just click on the link that's associated with the products your interested in where you can find more details and make a purchase you won't regret! 

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Have you ever walked into a drugstore and looked at their “natural” products, but noticed that you can’t identify the majority of the products’ ingredients? Or, if you’re like us, you’ve purchased expensive prestige products, hoping that they’ll hold up to their promises but have been left disappointed, discouraged, and with the same skincare concerns you had to start with.

At CLN&DRTY, we use only the highest quality natural products that you can actually pronounce, and we are committed to staying at a price point that remains accessible to our customers. Most importantly, our product delivers fast results that make you feel amazing in your skin.

CLN&DRTY has sold tens of thousands of products, has hundreds of 5-star reviews, and countless radically obsessed customers. So ditch the chemicals, give your wallet a hug, and love the skin that you’re in with CLN&DRTY.

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Next up is..

is Janet McAuliffe and Iher small business Shoreline Soap. During the pandemic Janet was searching for a hobby and stumbled upon whipped sugar scrubs.  Janet started concentrating on ingredients that make your skin feel clean, soft & moisturized and created the recipe that each jar contains today.  She gave some to friends and family to try and Shoreline Soap was born !  I hope you all find this product as luxurious as I did !

 A single 8 0z. jar goes for $14.00 or, if you buy 2 jars the cost is $25.00

You can email or message Shoreline Soap at any time with orders and Janet offers free delivery to south shore surrounding towns!

Please like Shoreline Soap's page HERE to follow new product posts and where Janet will be...



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